Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wedding Gifts

Wow, in the last two years we have seen a lot of friends and family get married. So much so I'm running out of ideas for wedding gifts.

I like to get them something from their gift registry, but I'd also like to give them something personal that would also be useful. Recently I was reading Mary Hunt's Everyday Cheapskate newsletter and browsed her web site Tips and found a reader tip for creating a recipe book as a wedding gift. The reader was creating a wedding gift for her granddaughter, by gathering recipes from the family and using her computer to include a picture of person who originated the recipe. She then put the recipe cards in to sheets of a photo album.

What a wonderful way to pass along family recipes but to keep the memory family and friends that may no longer be with us.

I think I'm going to start this process now and have it ready for the next wedding.

Have a great Tuesday.


  1. Judy, I agree and don't know why I hadn't thought to something like that before. It's a great way to give a very useful and very personal gift.

  2. Yeah!! Thanks for this great ideas about choosing best wedding gifts...

  3. Mandy, thanks for the link to your site. Very interesting. I'll be visiting often.

  4. Mandy, I've added a link to your site on my blog. Thanks again.


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