Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Footage of the Atlanta Flood of 2009

With so many devices that record video these days there is a lot of footage about the flood being called the Atlanta Flood of 2009 or Hash Tagged #ATLFLOOD on Twitter

Today I was driving on one roads just reopened this morning. When I saw mud on the rooftop of homes it really made it real for me. To see it in person was so much more disturbing than seeing it in the videos.

Here is more of that footage.

Six Flags Over Georgia was under water:

Looking at this video of the Picketts Mill Creek, you can see how cars and trucks were swept away and 10 people lost their lives.

Thankfully, they are saying we should have only one day of rain this weekend. I don't think the area can handle much more water right now.

Many of the ponds and lakes have earthen dams that have been seriously damaged and there is still the danger of more flooding should the dams give way and release the water they are meant to hold back.

I pray the flooding is over and we can begin to recover.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away. Come Again Another Day!

We live in Atlanta, Georgia. You may have heard about the recent flooding - it's been in the news. We received 15 inches of rain in a single day. It has rained for three straight days. I believe we can say the drought is over.

There aren't words to explain what this has been like. We were very fortunate and didn't have any flooding on our street. But ten people lost their lives in flash floods. One was a two year old little boy swept out of his father's arms. That pain must be beyond words.

If you pray, please pray for these families. Those that have lost loved ones and for those that have the long road to recovery after the water recedes trying to put their lives back together.

Here is a sample of what it's been like:

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Monday, September 7, 2009

...And A Good Time Was Had By All

We are home from our weekend at the Armuchee Bluegrass Festival. Family and friends gathered and enjoyed just being together. We had fun visiting, playing music, listening to songs and often singing along.

It was overcast and rained a bit on Saturday, so I didn't walk around the campground as much this year, but Saturday afternoon it stopped raining and I walked around to find jam sessions scattered around the grounds. I also found the flamingo collections were alive and well and had even spread to more campsites.

Golf carts made carrying instruments easier over the damp dirt road around the campgrounds.
Flamingo lighting was working as a soft night light.
Taking a break from breakneck jamming.






Visitors came from near and far. The gentleman in the blue cap is down from Canada.
More flamingos


There were motor homes, campers and tents.


There was lots of good food. Oh my, was there food. The smell of the grills and smokers would make your mouth water. There was everything from smoked pork butt to watermelon feasts.

Watermelon Feast

Do you remember Papasan chairs?
Papasan Chair

We were so glad to spend time with friends and family.

Buzzy - our friend from Kentucky. Can you believe she is 82?
IMG_4287 IMG_4119

Carl - Buzzy's husband, is known as the flying fiddler and flew for Delta for many years until his retirement. It is hard to believe he is 86 and still playing his fiddle everyday.
IMG_4117 IMG_4127

Hayden and Mark - Hayden is in his first year of college. I still remember when he was a little guy laying on the steps to the platform while we were playing for a church service. He has grown a bit since then.

Aaron, Lauren and Elijah - What can I say. I am smitten with that little guy. (I love the parents a lot too.)

The Hubs
Mark and Candy

Our son.
Our goodlooking son

Our daughter-in-law

I watched some of the stage show which is always fun.


Mayford, Evelyn and Eve in the crowd.

It was also a full moon this weekend and Friday night it provided a soft light making moving about the campground after sunset a bit easier.

There are always flowers around and this year was no different.
Yellow Flowers







Our son, daughter-in-law and grandson came on Saturday. Needless to say I took a lot of pictures of our grandson. I think I got on the son's nerves:
Maybe, I over did it? ...nah you can't have too many grandson pictures.

Our grandson discovered he loves peaches:

Our sweet daughter-in-law, such a good mom.
Caroline got to meet Elijah for the first time.
Can you understand why I'm so in love with this little guy?
Taking It All In

Yum, watermelon.
Yum Watermelon

We had a great time, but we're glad to be back home. We are also very glad that today is a holiday so we can rest up before going back to work.

Well I guess that is it for this post, except to say we did get a bit of news.................

We are expecting another grand baby! By April we will have another precious little one in the family.

I'm just a tad excited - can you tell?

Hal-le-lujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Future Singer


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