Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Footage of the Atlanta Flood of 2009

With so many devices that record video these days there is a lot of footage about the flood being called the Atlanta Flood of 2009 or Hash Tagged #ATLFLOOD on Twitter

Today I was driving on one roads just reopened this morning. When I saw mud on the rooftop of homes it really made it real for me. To see it in person was so much more disturbing than seeing it in the videos.

Here is more of that footage.

Six Flags Over Georgia was under water:

Looking at this video of the Picketts Mill Creek, you can see how cars and trucks were swept away and 10 people lost their lives.

Thankfully, they are saying we should have only one day of rain this weekend. I don't think the area can handle much more water right now.

Many of the ponds and lakes have earthen dams that have been seriously damaged and there is still the danger of more flooding should the dams give way and release the water they are meant to hold back.

I pray the flooding is over and we can begin to recover.

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  1. Those pictures are incredible!! I hope that you all can recover soon!

  2. I think what has hit me the most is the look one everyone's face. It is just overwhelming and so unbelievable.

    I've always heard about the 100 year flood plain, but they are now reporting the flooding is a 500 year plain. Unbelievable!


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