Monday, April 6, 2009

Springtime in Georgia

I love all the colorful flowers we have in Georgia during spring. I love the warmer weather and sunshine.

The lovely azaleas

The dogwoods IMG_2869

What I don't love is the pollen. Pine, elm, sycamore, oak are all in bloom but the pine has the most pollen and it covers everything in a thick coat of yellow. Yesterday while driving I thought I saw smoke from something on fire. However, when I got closer I realized it was the wind blowing through the tree and the pollen was so thick it looked like smoke.

Then when it rained a bit the driveway looked like this: IMG_2975

No wonder I'm having sinus headaches.


Friday, April 3, 2009

You Dirty Dog!

I've previously mentioned how much Trixie likes to dig in the yard. She's small and doesn't really do much damage and other than a dirty nose and a bit of dirt on her paws she doesn't get too bad.

Trixie with a dirty face - again

Fast forward to this week. We have had rain all week. Any ground not covered in grass is a muddy mess. Trixie decided she needed to dig in a corner of the yard. She has never been so dirty.



There was a lot of dirt to remove. It is caked around her nose and mouth. There is heavy staining on her paws.


When I gave her a bath tonight, I had to shampoo her twice because her feet were so stained with Georgia red clay stain. There is still some stains on her paws.

Playing Fetch
She really is a bundle of energy.

I wonder how long she will stay clean this time.