Monday, April 6, 2009

Springtime in Georgia

I love all the colorful flowers we have in Georgia during spring. I love the warmer weather and sunshine.

The lovely azaleas

The dogwoods IMG_2869

What I don't love is the pollen. Pine, elm, sycamore, oak are all in bloom but the pine has the most pollen and it covers everything in a thick coat of yellow. Yesterday while driving I thought I saw smoke from something on fire. However, when I got closer I realized it was the wind blowing through the tree and the pollen was so thick it looked like smoke.

Then when it rained a bit the driveway looked like this: IMG_2975

No wonder I'm having sinus headaches.



  1. Pollens are the worst but the flowers are soooooooo pretty!

  2. The flowers are so beautiful! Too bad there is so much pollen that comes along with their beauty!

  3. Yeah, the pollen is one of the worst things about spring.

    That and the stupid dandelions in my yard.

    Weather Moose


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