Friday, August 22, 2008

Miss Trixie's growing up (Friday Foto Finish)

Trixie is now just over 8 months old. I didn't realize how much she has changed until I looked at these pictures. From a scared tiny little pup of one month old the first time we saw her. To a two month old ready to explore and snuggle when we brought her home. Then an excited "teen" as she is growing up. I can't seem to remember what it was like before she came into our lives six short months ago.

1 month old

Two months old and her first day with us.
She was around 2 lbs her first trip to the vet.

So small but a big attitude.

Even so young it was difficult to get her still long enough to get a good picture.

She is growing up. She is a sweetie, but she still has an attitude and a seemingly endless supply of energy. She will chase her ball or rope all evening.

She is a trouble maker. She torments our 13 year old cat Hobbes. She steals paper and other "treasures" from the trash. Mainly she has stolen my heart. She is a love and has made my life better for being in it.

Join us for Friday Foto Finish at Candid Carrie. Tell her Debbie from Just Some Random Thoughts sent you.


  1. She's gorgeous!!

    And they grow really quickly!!


  2. Thank you, I love her markings and her personality. She is a hoot to be around.

  3. Adorable!! And I'm not even a dog person ;)

  4. Thanks Lori and Nancy. She is a joy.

  5. SHe's just about as cute as they come! She definitely looks like a firecracker.

  6. Firecracker just about says it all.

  7. Sooooo incredibly cute. One of the pics with the big ears makes her look like one of those cute little gremlins. I love the big ears!

  8. Nicole and Scott, I'd not seen the resemblance to a gremlin until you mentioned it. How funny.

  9. What a little fluff ball - so cute!!

  10. She is such a cutie. :-)

    We have two smallish dogs. They also have a big attitude. Must be something to do with their size! :-)

  11. Oh my is she ever caaaaute!

    How funny...WE have a cat named Hobbes. In fact, I just did my Friday's Foto thingy about Hobbes TODAY! No lie. Too funny!

    Seriously...your dooooggie is so dern cute!

  12. Your pup is totally related to my kitten Sadie. Paper stealer from the trash BIG TIME. I come home and I find paper, any kind, toilet, trash stuff, all over my apt. She is also an endless ball of energy. Sadie is about 4 months old. They were friends in heaven before coming here for sure!

  13. What a cute little dog! Those pictures are definitely keepers:-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such nice comments:-)

  14. What a pretty girl! The dog I had growing up was named Trixie. She was such a sweetie, I miss her still!
    I came over from Candid Carrie's FFFF. :o)


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