Saturday, August 23, 2008


I've written about our cat Hobbes before, but I came across this picture and just love the intense look on his face. He is 13 years old and while he isn't as active as he once was he still hunts and climbs. He doesn't jump as high or run as fast but then neither can I.

He is a Manx so he has no tail. He is also very vocal and talks to us all the time. I've always been amazed that he will actually come to us when we call his name, well most of the time anyway. When we had the pool open he would come right up to the edge and allow us to pet him, or he would "talk" to us with out showing any fear of the water.

The average life span for a Manx is 10 - 11 years so he is an old man and that probably explains why he and Trixie are not buddies. As a young cat he was not intimidated by dogs and usually was the boss of that type relationship. That is why I was so very shocked when he wanted nothing to do with Trixie when we first brought her home. They do have their moments and I hope as she gets older and a bit calmer that they will actually will get along better.

I don't think I could have another breed of cat after Hobbes. He has so much personality and I do love him a lot.

Do you have any pet stories?
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