Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lots Of Fun

While we were away on vacation, I was able to use my new camera and I took lots of pictures. We had many opportunities for pictures taking and I had so much fun while learning to use the new camera.

On Tuesday night we went to Lake Nottley for some fishing. I mostly took pictures and played with Trixie, but managed to get in some fishing. I must report I didn't catch anything and only had some nibbles but lots of fun. One of the funniest things that happened this even was when Trixie discovered shiny objects in the water. I had already taken several small stones out of her mouth when I noticed she was staring intently into the water. Then it was almost as if she took a breath and plunged her head into the water and came up with an old style pop-top in her mouth. You would have thought she had fund a great treasure. Standing there with the ring in her mouth and water dripping from her face. I laughed until I almost cried. Of all times not to have my camera handy.

I completely enjoyed our time away and it was a treasure to spend time with my son and his wonderful wife. With our lives so full of work, church and other obligations I feel fortunate that we are together as much as we are. This time away was a blessing for us all.

On our last day we stopped by the Toccoa River to check out the fishing. We did not have wading boots to go out into the river and did not catch any fish, but the next time we will be more prepared as those that did go out into the middle of the river were catching lots of fish. One gentleman told us he caught 25 fish that morning. There was a mist floating over the water and I found it fascinating to watch the mist move about the river.

I'm already looking forward to our next trip. I'm hoping to be more proficient with the new camera and had a good working knowledge of Photoshop Elements 6 to allow my pictures to have the same vivid colors as the original scene.

When I understand Elements I'll write a review.


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