Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Kroger Plus Card + Additional Coupon Savings

Kroger is the grocery store where I primarily shop and one of the largest retailers in my area. They offer a "Kroger Plus" card which gives discounts on many items in the store. I watch for extra savings by searching the weekly ad on-line before shopping to maximize my potential savings. However, a couple times a year (sometimes more) they send coupons to plus card holders based on shopping history. When these cards were first out, I heard complaints about them tracking shopping history. However, when they give me coupons for items I already purchase I'm OK with that. (Update: I forgot my Kroger Plus card the other day, and I was still able to get my savings by giving them my phone number. Very cool.)

This week I received a new coupon package. There is a coupon to save $9 if I purchase $90 in one transaction. Since I have not purchased groceries since before vacation that will not be difficult.

There are several coupons for $1 and a couple for $2. But some of the coupons in this pack that caught my eye are, $1 off Folgers Gourmet Coffee. $2 off five SmartOnes Frozen Entrees. Additionally, many stores do not offer coupons for "Store Brand" products, however, Kroger does and since I use Kroger brand Vanilla Wafers, Tuna and Salad Dressing I am very pleased to have the additional savings these coupons offer.

The coupons in this pack are for items I purchase each week and represent a significant savings on my weekly grocery bill.

I'm all for saving money.


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