Sunday, October 5, 2008

Uses for Vinegar

I found a wonderful web site, . This site offers some wonderful tips for using vinegar. Since I've been using homemade window cleaner made with vinegar, I've been investigating other users for this wonderful product. Most of their tips are for white distilled vinegar.

Though I am limited on blogging due to my computer problems, I still wanted to make a quick post about this wonderful site. It offers tips for everything from cooking and laundry to automotive uses for vinegar. Check it out and enjoy. I'd love to hear your stories about using vinegar.


  1. I love vinegar. I use it all the time:-)

  2. I'm finding I can't do without it. It is amazing at all the things it can do.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  3. It's so funny - I just used vinegar last night to get the smell out of my kitchen. My sister had fried some food, and long after we enjoyed the food we were enduring the smell. Just a little bowl full or two and no more bad smell.

    Though I did start thinking about dying easter eggs in the mean time. . . hmmmm


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