Monday, October 13, 2008

The Rose

When we moved into our house in the fall of 1998 there was a rose bush in the back yard. The summer had been very hard on it and I assumed it would die and we've have to dig it up. My husband however, didn't give up. He pruned, pampered and fed it. Then to my astonishment it revived.

He still spends time caring for this rose and it repaid him with beautiful blooms all summer. It is just as beautiful this year as the first summer when he worked so hard. With fall fast approaching I wanted share this picture from just a few weeks ago.


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  1. That is gorgeous!! I love roses! They are a lot of work but the rewards...they are the best.

  2. Beautiful! It was well worth his efforts!

  3. Thanks, I'm very proud of him. He just doesn't seem like the type that would be into gardening but he always has been great about making our yard look nice

  4. Love it. Mine are still blooming like crazy. Actually I think they like this time of year even better than the super-hot weather.


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