Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Little Helper

A 10 month old dog is about like having a three year old child. They understand much of what you tell them, but they can't or don't always listen to you. With that in mind we have done our best during the Kitchen Project, to keep things out of reach of our Papillon Trixie. Even doing the best we can, she still finds things that could be dangerous. I found a bolt in her bed that she stole from something. We're still trying to identify where it goes.

Yesterday, John was priming the cabinet doors and left them on the patio to dry. Bringing them in for the evening, he found Trixie paid them a visit too.

One door had the undeniable evidence that her curiosity had gotten the better of her.

Since her art work is on the inside of the door, we're debating whether to paint over it...

What do you think?



  1. I'd leave it there for memories. I'm like that, though. What will it hurt if no one sees it except you? Let me know what you decide!

  2. That would be a hoot wouldn't it. to keep it as a reminder. I'll let you know.


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