Sunday, June 1, 2008


John has a car that is like one he had in his youth. It too is a work in progress. He has been working on this car for about 8 years. A little at a time but it is still far from being complete.

This past weekend he went to the corner store and the car wouldn't start. I went to assist him but we could not jump off the car. A good Samaritan help us tow it home. John determined it was a starter problem. So part of his Saturday was spend removing the starter so a replacement could be found.

I couldn't leave until I knew John was safely out from under the car, so while he was under the car I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the plant life in the yard. Actually these plants are from my neighbor's yard but hang over into ours so I figure their fair game for pictures.

I liked the way light filtered through the leaves on these plants. At least I'm not standing right over John being antsy waiting on him to finish.... Hope your Saturday was grand.

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