Friday, June 13, 2008


I love to save money and share kitchen tips and cooking shortcuts. I frequent numerous web sites to get helpful information and I've decided to share some of these sites and tips with anyone that might land on this blog.

A newsletter I love to read is Mary Hunt's Everyday Cheapskate . She focuses on all sorts of ways to save money and I can recommend her web sites and newsletters to anyone interested in saving money. She provides recipes, grocery tips and I love the tips for saving from her readers. Take a moment to visit her site and see if you find anything you can use. Check out of the newsletter on the uses of baking soda I think you will find several ways to use soda you've not thought about before.

I'm excited about this web site and think you will find it well worth checking out. Momelettes Is a brand new site and I hope I'm not jumping the gun by sharing it with you. Jess has done a great job and I love the tips she offers on this site. As the name implies it is directed toward moms but you don't have to be a mom to love deals. Please visit her site and let her know what you think.

Well, I'm out of time tonight but hope to post about more sites I love soon.


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