Thursday, June 26, 2008

National Brand vs Suave

Usually I purchase Secret Powder Fresh deodorant, however, recently I was in a rush and grabbed a stick of Suave Powder by mistake. The color and and label are very similar to the national brand. The national brand is usually around $3 for the size I purchase. I thought the store was having a major sale when I purchase the product for $1.

OK, I'm not the most observant person in the world, and I get dressed in semi-darkness so I did not notice I wasn't using Secret until the container was almost empty and I was getting dressed to go out for the evening. That tells me the product works as well as the national brand and it costs way less. I've been purchasing Suave for about three months now and haven't been disappointed yet.

For what it's worth, Suave has my recommendation as being as good as Secret and a $2 savings adds up quickly. (This is my opinion only, so take it for what it's worth - about $.02)


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