Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Our Papillon puppy is now a bit over six months old and we took her to be spayed yesterday. She was dropped off around 11 AM and John picked her up at 9 AM this morning.

As I have mentioned before our 13 year old Manx cat, Hobbes, and Trixie aren't exactly "best buds" and while they are generally tolerant, there are still times when they really go at each other. (Especially if there is chicken involved.) However, I think Hobbes, almost missed her a little bit at first, but by this morning he was getting comfortable being the only pet again. Then today Trixie came home and though she was still a bit groggy and just laid around, he was visibly upset that his domain had once again been invaded by this "creature." If a cat can be disappointed, Hobbes was definitely disappointed.

By this evening, things are back to normal. Hobbes is in the other room sulking. Trixie is trying to get John to throw her "rope" without much success, since we've been given strict instructions to keep her quite and limit her activity for several days.

We are starting obedience training on Friday. I have a hope that by the time the 8 week course is over Trixie will be calmer and she and Hobbes will finally get along. I know I dreaming but then what else are dreams for?


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