Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

This is the first year we are both without our dads. In the last years of their lives they both lost the ability to recognize family members. Strangely enough that didn't make their passing any easier. It was almost like loosing them twice.

I do know they both loved their families. They loved their children but their grandchildren were their pride and joy. My dad would rather spend Friday nights at home playing with the grandkids than anything else I can think of. Our son and his cousins spent every Friday night at Mom and Dad's house. They "made movies," they played games and most importantly, made memories that will be with them a lifetime. Ask any one of them about those Friday's and they will smile and tell you a memory to go with that smile.

I remember the day our son was born and my father-in-law came to the hospital wearing a three piece suite and a hat. I asked him why he was so dressed up. He said "I want to look good the first time my new grandson sees me." That was so like him. He grew up poor and always wanted to look his best. I can never remember him any other way.

They had four grand daughters when our son, the only grand son, was born. He was so very thrilled and was always close to Aaron. When Aaron announced he had been called to be a pastor, Mack asked him to come over for an afternoon and they had a very deep discussion about spiritual matters. Mack was always supportive and proud of his family.

Fathers are special. If your dad is still alive be sure to tell him you love him, and not just on Father's Day. Make it an everyday thing.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads.


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