Monday, June 2, 2008

Their going to the chapel and their gonna get married...

My brother's oldest daughter is getting married on Saturday. As the wedding is now just days away, I have been reflecting on life and all the changes we've seen in the 23 years since her birth. In 1985 my sister-in-law and I were both pregnant. She was due in March and I was due in April. Anne Marie was born on March 10 and then unexpectedly three days later our son, Aaron, was born a month early on March 13. Two of my cousins were also pregnant that year and their daughters were born that summer. Lots of new babies in the family that year.

Fast forward twenty three years, and we've had numerous life changes, both good and bad, in just the last two years.

My dad died February 24, 2006.
Our son was married March 3, 2007.
My nephew married June 2, 2007.
My cousins daughter was married June 30, 2007.
My nephew's new wife lost her brother in a motorcycle accident in July 2007.
John's dad passed in January of this year.

Thankfully, we are now back to a time of happy changes. Aaron and Lauren are expecting a baby and Anne Marie is getting married Saturday. I remember her so very well as a beautiful, angelic, mischievous towheaded little girl. One of my favorite memories is seeing her look so sweet while the grand kids played and had snacks at my parents house. She and Aaron looked like twins when they were little and have always been very close. On this occasion she leaned over and so sweetly hugged Aaron, but at the same time she reached over his shoulder and stole his Skittles. The sweet moment went quickly to a squabble. But their fusses never lasted very long and soon they were best buds again.

Annie's up coming marriage has allowed me to think of their childhood more than Aaron's wedding. With his marriage I was so busy getting ready, I didn't have much time for remembrance but I now I can take time to think and have enjoyed remembering their childhood and all the adventures they dreamed up on those Friday nights at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Anne Marie, may God bless you and Josh. I pray you will always be happy and just a bit mischievous. I love you dear.

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