Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who Woulda Thunk It?

Today, I was reading a favorite blog, The Pioneer As she frequently does, there was a question for her readers. Today's question was "If you could only listen to one music genre, what would it be?" For me the answer is Bluegrass.

The question sent me down a long road of memories about Bluegrass and my life. I can't remember a time when Bluegrass wasn't part of my life. As a child I can recall listening to Flatt and Scruggs on TV and Saturday nights at Mamaw's with Cousin Porter, Mamaw, and my mom playing and singing for hours on end. Frequently, my mom, brother and I would sing for benefits around the area. Usually it was just us singing and Mom playing her guitar. However, just before one benefit, Dad happened to meet a couple of brothers at the local music store. He discovered they both played Bluegrass and during the course of their conversation, he invited them to come by the house to see if we could join forces for the upcoming show.

We practiced a couple of times and on the night of the benefit show, they played their set and then played the music for Mom, Darrell and me as we sang our songs. We felt like "big time singers" with a whole band. I still remember how much fun we had.

I was a teenager at the time and loved traveling with my family to Bluegrass Festivals across the South. We met many of the stars of the day and lots of wonderful people who were there to listen to the music just like us. We made memories I still treasure, as we traveled from festival to festival.

A couple of years later, John was at the house and everyone was just sitting around talking and watching TV. He looked over and said, "Put on your shoes and lets go to a movie." That was our first date and the rest is history.

John played music professionally for a time and was away for long stretches. There weren't any cell phones or email back then, so we weren't able to talk much while he was traveling. By the time he decided to quit the road, I wasn't interested in dating anyone else. We were married just six days after my 20th birthday.

During our married life, we've played Bluegrass and Bluegrass Gospel music as a part of several groups as well as gigs with just the two of us. We've made friends that are as close to us as family. We've traveled to Bluegrass Festivals through out the south, and met stars and ordinary people. (Most stars are ordinary people too.) We've had glorious fun and shed a few tears along the way.

In a couple of weeks we will celebrate our thirty-fourth wedding anniversary. Who woulda thunk that a chance meeting at a music store with my dad would have lead to meeting my future husband.

I want to encourage everyone to embrace life. You never know when a casual meeting might turn into the rest of your life. It led me to my soul mate and when I look at him my heart still goes pitty pat. Not bad after 34 years.



  1. Thanks for stopping by! I love the Pioneer Woman's site, it's one of my favorites!

    My favorite bluegrass band is the The Isaacs. I love the harmonies!

    Come by anytime.

  2. @Rebecca Thank you I love the Issacs too. We've seen them several times and have followed them over the years, so I have watched them grow up. They were my dad's favorite group too and he would drive for miles to get a chance to see them preform live.


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