Friday, May 30, 2008

Around the Neighborhood

As I've mentioned, we have a six month old Papillon puppy and have been working on leash training. To say the least it is a work in progress, with some days being better than others. Recently on her first walk around the neighborhood, I had the opportunity to see things through her eyes. As we walked along she saw a bird on the ground for the first time. That was a hoot. I was so very glad I had a good hold on the leash. She jumped and ran so quickly I was amazed how hard the leash jerked. Without the leash she would have been long gone and I would have been crawling through the woods trying to catch her. She was also very interested in all the different smells we encountered along our walk. Smells of other animals that had walked the same path, a chipmunk, the birds. Not being accustomed to being on a leash, she tugged and pulled, coughed, sneezed, choked and was very tired by the time we reached home again. She had a very exciting first trip around the neighborhood. I on the other hand noticed the plants, the differences in the landscape down the street as she explored them. I discovered we have at least two families of cardinals.

When we came back to the house after a short rest, she was still in the discovery mode so I took her out to the back yard. Everything she found had to be checked out, pine cones, sweet gum balls, bark from the flower beds. It is like watching a baby discover their world. Everything is new and to be examined. I am enjoying watching her as she grows and learns about her world. Although I'm not always as enthusiast about cleaning up the "treasures" she sometimes brings into the house.

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