Thursday, May 29, 2008

Seven Weeks

This afternoon I received a text message from my son. The last time I received a "multimedia" message was when he let us know they were pregnant. So when I saw today's message I knew before I opened the image, what it would be. Our daughter-in-law is seven weeks pregnant and we have a sonogram picture of the baby. A blurry, hard to make out the details, picture of our first grandchild. It was beautiful!

There was one small incident that marred the moment. While we talked tonight my son made a comment that really bothered me. He seems to think his wife is being influenced by the stories other women have told her about their battles with morning sickness during their pregnancy. I love my son and he is very smart, but on this subject he's being a dufus. Being pregnant and all the changes occurring to her body can easily cause her to experience nausea. I did not have morning sickness while pregnant but I did have a bout most evenings around 6 PM. Every woman is different but pregnancy is a huge change to the body and that alone can cause an upset to the system. I do hope he doesn't say as much to his sweet wife. He doesn't need both of us upset with
him.... ;-)

The picture says: Pregnant!!!!

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