Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In an instant

There were storms in Georgia last night that resulted in damage to homes. The worst of the damage seems to have been in Alpharetta and Cherokee County. We have friends that live in Cherokee County and I've not been able to talk to them today so I am not sure how they faired through the storms. I am sitting here watching the news reports about the damage that occurred.

It strikes me now things can change so quickly and they don't have to be very far away to have a drastically different result. We watched the storm roll by last night and had some thunder and lightening but no damage. We are hoping our friends did not have any damage to their house, but I've not been able to reach them to see how they are doing.

I am thankful that we haven't heard any reports of injuries at least no serious injuries. Instead of sitting here being concerned we could be planing to attend a funeral. I thank God there wasn't any loss of life. Things and stuff can be repaired or replaced. A life is much more valuable.

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