Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Cat Rug

Our Manx cat Hobbes, is a character. He is now over 13 years old and a very senior citizen for a Manx. The average life span for the breed is 10 - 11 years so we are very glad he is still in such good health. When the weather turns cooler he starts sleeping on our bed at night and wanting to snuggle much more.

Since he was a little kitten he has done what we call "cat rug." He lays with his hind legs stretched out behind him and sometimes his front legs stretched out too. He looks like a small version of a classic bear skin rug.

He still does this but less frequently as he has grown old. I caught him doing this the other day but he had his front legs tucked up under him so he looked very odd. I happened to have my camera handy and grabbed some shots.

I find him greatly humorous.

Have a wonderful Saturday.


  1. Thanks, I think he is. The Manx breed is a very different cat. He is very vocal and likes to interact with family and friends. Very unlike any other breed of cat we've had before. Don't think I'll ever have a "regular" cat again. If we ever get another cat it will have to be a Manx.


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