Monday, September 8, 2008

An Unexpected Pleasure

I had a wonderful day Saturday. My daughter-in-law and I went shopping and then had lunch together. It was a very pleasant day. I knew it would be, she is a joy and I thank God she is part of our family.

I always take a little "back road" on the way home from their house to avoid traffic and because it is fun to drive the curvy little road. Years ago this was a very rural area with farms and fields all around. Today there are still a few pastures and a small barn or two, but mostly there are houses and subdivisions with a few small ponds dotted along the way. On occasion I've seen cows, horses and a few geese near the ponds. Saturday, however, I came across an unexpected sight.

As I rounded a curve there was a line of geese crossing the road. Momma, or their leader, must have decided they needed to visit the pond across the road and they were all leisurely strolling over to visit the neighbors. Traffic stopped. I fumbled for my phone to catch some pictures. They didn't seem a bit worried about cars sitting there, motors running. No horn blew. No one yelled or shouted for them to hurry up. We sat there and watched the very orderly procession as they waddled across the road.

I know some kindergarten teachers that would love to have their students so orderly. When it was over we laughed and shook our heads as we drove away. An unexpected pleasure that made me smile and laugh. A very nice finish to an already wonderful day.

Why did the geese cross the road? To get to the other side....

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