Sunday, September 14, 2008

Things Can Change So Quickly

I gave our pup, Trixie, a bath the other day and was finally able to get some pictures of her clean and fluffy. So I played around with the effects on her picture. I thought it made her look rather regal.

But she is a dog that loves to get in the dirt. To dig and play.

So just a few minutes after the picture above,

she looked like this.

...guess it's time for another bath.


  1. She is just gorgeous! Don't ya just love how they instantly get in the dirt after a bath? Almost like they know exactly what they're doing! Good luck keeping her clean!

  2. Thanks, she is a challenge at times. But she is a very loving pup and I'm glad she's in our family.

  3. hi there! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on the "Fall is here" post. I see you're a fan of the Pioneer Woman too. She gave me a reason to use Photoshop... I see she inspired you too!


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