Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday - Somebody's Praying

There are many things we can and should do for others. We can give a hug when a friend is sad. Laugh with them when they are glad. We take food when there is an illness or death in a family. We visit those that are no longer able to go out on their own. We can transport to doctor, dentist, or shopping. This is all very important and part of what Jesus tells us to do for others.

But We are to pray for each other too. I've been asked to pray for someone in need and find that is a fearful request. That I am charged with lifting up a pray request to God, makes me realize how unworthy I am. When someone tells me they are praying for me I am humbled.

I've followed Ricky Skaggs' musical career for many years. I first met him at Ralph Stanley's first Bluegrass Festival in McClure VA in 1970 and I was impressed that someone my age was already playing music professionally.

His version of Some body's Praying has always touched me and one of my favorite songs. I'd like to share that song with you.

Listen and enjoy.

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