Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our Weekend in TN

This past weekend, we went to East Tennessee to my brother and sister-in-law's place in the country. They purchased the land years ago and plan to build a home there soon. Right now they stay in their camper parked under a pole barn. That keeps the midday sun off and allows them to stay much cooler. She has planted flowers, and decorated the trees making it their home even though they don't have a permanent house yet.

The day we were there the temperature was in the eighty's but with the breeze and being under the shed allowed us to feel very comfortable. There is a lovely creek that flows through their property and there is a fishing hole around the bend. The children and some of the adults took time to wade in the creek in the heat of the afternoon.

Coming from metro Atlanta the quiet of the place was very soothing to my spirit. If we weren't about to be grandparents in a few months we might consider moving to the mountains ourselves. It was so very peaceful without the traffic and urban noises we live with every day at home.

But we have our obligations at home. I have a full time job and we love our church so there are many reasons to stay put. ...but when we are in the mountains, my spirit does seem to want to stay. Perhaps some day we will do just that.

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