Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Time

When we brought Trixie home last January, she was only 8 weeks old and weighed 2 lbs. The first toy we bought for her was a colorful rope toy. It was on sale and it has been the best $1 spent on her.

Her favorite games are tug-of-war and fetch. She will chase the rope or ball as long as you will throw it.

Now after almost a year, it's time. The poor rope has come apart and no longer resembles it's former self. We tried to twist it back into shape and tie the ends. However, it doesn't last but a toss or shake or two and it's right back in disarray.

I see a visit to our local Petsmart soon.



  1. I hope she survives the transition.

  2. She's so cute!!! And that's a long time for that rope to hold together - impressive!!!

  3. Oh she is adorable, My Princess also loves to play ball and has one of those tug ropes, but i have to say since we got her at 8 weeks old she has yet to tear anything apart, she still has all her toys and then some from the time we got her. Yup i have been blessed with her not chewing anything up. She is 2 yrs old
    Happy New Year

  4. She's adorable! I can't believe the rope toy lasted for a year! Our lab has them chewed up in about a month!


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