Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Hawk Visit

I haven't seen the hawks for a while. Though my husband reported that a small hawk had gotten the baby birds from the nest out near our mail box. The momma bird was very protective of her little babies and would swoop at John every time he got the mail. When I would leave for work I could see the little heads pop-up waiting for breakfast. Then about a week ago he said he had seen a small hawk sitting on our mail box and the momma bird doing her best to distract him away from the nest but apparently she wasn't successful.

I had planned to blog about the mailbox birds. It was funny how much of a challenge it became to gather our mail without being flogged by momma bird. We wore hats, carried umbrellas, took the dog with us but nothing dissuaded little momma. It truly was really quite funny. And while I understand it's all part of nature, it was still a bit sad to think of the little birds being lunch for the young hawk.

Fast forward to today, we had another visit by a hawk. We've had a lot of rain recently and the frogs are having a field day in our backyard.

By the time I got to the back door with my camera, he had his prize and was sitting on our fence enjoying his treasure.

I was concerned that the sound of my camera was going to scare him away so I tried to be as still and quiet as possible.

He eventually went back to eating.



After about fifty pictures being snapped he seemed to realize I was standing on the deck.

He gave me a hard look

Then decided it was time to leave
Hawk-<span class=

I had my camera set for a fixed focus so this picture isn't as clear as it could have been
Hawk-<span class=

Good by neighbor.
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Have a great weekend.


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