Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trixie's been bored

Sweet Trixie With the new grandbaby and Mom's heart problem, I've been too busy to take Trixie on our normal walk. I haven't played with as much as normal either. Well when you don't walk a dog or play with them enough to make them tired, they will find their own entertainment.

She has gone back to chewing my things. I'll have to get a new security badge at work tomorrow. I just hope I have enough of my current one to get in the door tomorrow morning. I can't be too mad at her when I haven't given her an outlet for all her energy. The Papillon breed is very active and definitely needs exercise everyday.

She also loves to find treasures in the yard. She loves to dig. Thankfully she doesn't dig too deeply.

(Oh, I found a treasure:)
Trixie - Oh I found treasure Once she finds something she sticks her nose into the hole and eventually her face and feet are covered with dirt.

(What, I wasn't digging.)
What? I wasn't digging.

The funniest thing to me, is when she comes in with dirt all over her face and acts like she hasn't been in the dirt at all.

(Really, I've not been digging!)
Really I've not been digging.

She makes me smile. ...most of the time anyway.


  1. It is good of you to see that the change in her behavior has a source:-)

  2. Isn't it funny how we can tolerate, even smile at, annoying behaviour when it's our pets - but get cross if human children were to do the same things. Can you imagine having your lawn dug up by anyone except Trixie and remaining calm?!

    Hope they let you into work!


  3. She's adorable! I can't believe I'm almost a month behind on reading your blog! I'm catching up today, I promise... I've missed you!


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