Thursday, February 19, 2009

Be Careful What You Say

When you make a statement like "Happiness Is A Choice" be prepared to have that statement tested!

Ever since my last post, I've been faced with numerous things that have tested my determination to "choose to be happy."

Shadow on the wall

On Sunday, a pitcher of creamer was knocked off our table at lunch and it dumped into my purse right on top of my phone. We cleaned and wiped but the phone is dead and I'm using a loaner until I can get a replacement. Of course I don't have insurance and there is a little over a month before I'm eligible for an upgrade.

Early Morning Color

Then I'd noticed my car was a bit sluggish cranking one morning. The battery had to be replaced.

Often when we state a goal, then we are tested to see if we are serious about our promise.

I'm still choosing to be happy, but the choice is harder some days than others.


  1. Hang in there in your happiness:-)

  2. Yes. The day before yesterday the drain blocked and my washing machine poured itself over the garden in consequence. And I couldn't sit down with a cup of tea to console myself because the kettle had broken too.


    A couple of months ago I was behind a woman in a phone shop who wanted her mobile phone mended rather than have it replaced. She said she'd dropped it in water. The assistant explained it really wasn't likely anything could be done with her broken one but opened it up because she was so insistant . . . and water fell out of it and down him. A surprising amount from such a small place. (I think he was wise not to ask what water she'd dropped it in). She did agree to buy a new one!

    Hope all works out well for you.


  3. Sorry to hear about you misfortune lately! You are right... our choices are usually put to the test. Glad to hear you're still choosing to be happy!


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