Friday, July 9, 2010

In the Good Ole Summertime

When it's summer and the temperature is in the nineties, I love to be near the water.  Just putting your toes into the cool water of a stream or lake makes all the difference.  While we were in Tennessee last month, I took some pictures of the creek that runs at the back of my BIL and SIL's property.

With the temperature in the mid-nineties today, these pictures allow me to pretend that I'm by the creek with a cold glass of ice tea.  A soft breeze blowing and the lovely fragrance of flowers in the air.  I can also pretend that there aren't any bugs around.  I have to pretend because there were chiggers and bugs aplenty for our visit, but this is my fantasy so I can have it however I want.

So sit down, grab a glass of tea, prop up your feet and listen to the water as it flows by.






Lovely Wildflowers


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