Saturday, May 30, 2009


Sometimes when I have my camera set to full auto I get frustrated trying to focus on the subject of my choosing. Such is the case with these two pictures.

I wanted to have the horseshoe be the main focus of this shot but my camera picked the can instead.
Can focus

So I took it off full auto and changed the settings so I was able to get the shot I wanted.
Horseshoe focus

Looking at the pictures side by side I've decided I think I like the first one best. Sometimes in life, I take control, change things and work so hard to do something or get something only to have things turn out differently from what I expected. Yet, often I am so glad that "my plan" didn't work out.

I am reminded of Isaiah 55:8 "For my thoughts [are] not your thoughts, neither [are] your ways my ways, saith the LORD." I'm glad God is looking out for me and that I don't have to depend on my ways and thoughts to get me through life. I often think back to my youth, and wonder what if I had dated some of the "bad boys" I was attracted to in high school, if I had...? The list of "what if" is long.

I am thankful that God is in control. My biggest challenge is to not try to take control from Him and to stay in His will.

Daily quite time with God is the best answer I know. However, I must admit that is a challenge for me. Morning is the best time for me, before I get busy with the day. However if I wake up later than normal or have a busy day, guess what gets pushed aside. When those are the days I need that time the most.

This isn't the direction I'd planned to go with this post but maybe this is where it was meant to go. If nothing else it's made me think about refocusing my day and making time to spend reading the Bible and taking time to talk to the Lord. He is the friend that is closer than a brother so why wouldn't I want to talk to him every day. (Pro 18:24 "...there is a friend [that] sticketh closer than a brother.)



  1. Why was it that you were having to shoot through what looks like a cage?

    But you're right on the auto focus issue...

    I'm having to learn how to manually focus. Unfortunately, it's so sensitive in the viewfinder, what looks focused really isn't when I go to process the shot.

    Weather Moose

  2. We were at an old saddle club location. They had gone around and cleaned up the grounds, picking up a variety of items scattered all over the place. The "cage" is an old milk crate they really used to be made of wire)they used to hold the "trash" they collected. I thought it looked interesting to see the old rusty horseshoe along side the other stuff in the crate.

    I still use auto focus but set the focus point to manual. That limits the focus field to give me more control.

    I've had my camera almost a year and I'm finally getting around to reading the user manual. Go figure.


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