Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Pounce!

Our Papillon dog and our Manx cat have a love / hate relationship. Some days, they play and chase each other having fun. Other days they fight like, well cats and dogs.

Today I was outside taking pictures of the lovely flowers that are blooming in our neighborhood, when I noticed Trixie was down in our empty pool. Until this past week she wouldn't go near it. However, our cat has always found the empty pool an interesting place to explore and I wonder if that lead Trixie to become curious and want to explore too.

Anyway, as I was taking pictures she came out of the pool. She decided to wait on Hobbes who was also down there.
Trixie Ready To Play
She wanted to pounce on him as soon as he clears the top step.
Hurry I'm excited!

I'm not sure if she was playing or taunting.
Come on let's play!

I am quiet sure Hobbes was not in a playful mood when he exited.
Whoopee, Let's play!

He didn't find her game fun.

Beat it kid, you're bothering me!

If you look closely through the bush, you can see Hobbes' right paw raised to smack Trixie. They both ran off and I can't say who was chasing whom.
I'm outta here!

I can report they are both now laying in the floor resting. So no harm no foul.

Have a nice Sunday afternoon.



  1. Cute! Love the expression on the cat's face as s/he exits the pool.

  2. Thanks @Flowerpot. I'm not sure about their relationship. The cat is about 13 years old and the dog is 15 months so that mix can be a problem at times, but just this morning, the cat wanted to play and they were tearing abound the house taking turns chasing each other. It is truly difficult sometimes to tell if it's playing or fighting.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Yup that is just like a dog and cat, happy and playful one day and the next well who can guess. My Princess has 12 cats to see who is in a good mood and who isn't that is always a fun day to see who will play with who

  4. I've got the dog and a rabbit...

    their relationship is a little more interesting. I don't think Princess would eat the rabbit as one would expect a dog to do. At least not right away. Maybe she'd be more scared of him at first.

    Perhaps I should try this out.

    Weather Moose

  5. Those pictures are priceless! Our animals have a love/hate relationship, too.... they are either fighting or curled up together napping like the best of friends.


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